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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my medical insurance cover a psoriasis treatment with Psorinovo by the Amsterdam Kliniek?

It all depends on your insurance company. In any case you will need a supplementary package, because basic insurance per definition is not enough. Some insurance companies will provide partial coverage, unfortunately the days when everything got reimbursed are definitely over. Dr. Boeken is a member of the Artsenvereniging voor Integrale Geneeskunde (AVIG) and the Maatschappij ter Bevordering van de Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde (MBOG). You may want to mention this when inquiring with your insurance company, since membership with the AVIG and/or MBOG may make reimbursement more likely.

Coverage of the Psorinovo medicine, a type of fumaric acid, varies greatly per insurance company. Some patients will get full coverage, others will only be reimbursed if the prescription was supplied by a dermatologist.  Unfortunately, there are those who do not get anything reimbursed. Costs may vary between €50,- and €250,- per month.

Once I start, do I need to continue using Psorinovo for the rest of my life?

Psorinovo produces more long-lasting results if it is used non-stop. There are patients who stop after a while. There is a considerable chance that the symptoms will return. Quite often a very low maintenance dose is enough to remain as good as symptom-free.

Why does my dermatologist not prescribe Psorinovo, if it is really that effective?

In the past there was a different kind of fumaric acid that had a lot of side effects, such as flushing and diarrhoea. This put fumaric acid in a bad light. Even today the majority of dermatologists are not working with the improved and more modern Psorinovo.