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Aging is an inevitable fact of life – most of us are not aware that we actually begin the aging process from the moment we are born. However, the course may be accelerated as a result of numerous internal and external factors. Anti-aging attempts to slow down or even reverse the aging process with the ultimate aim of living longer while maintaining good health. The Amsterdam Kliniek can help you take the proper steps. Additionally, it is also possible to add medical cosmetic treatments.  Feeling more self assured about the way you look can also have a positive effect on your overall well-being. 

Ever since menopause I suffered from vaginal dryness. Regular hormone treatment didn’t work and intercourse became impossible. Dr. Boeken put me on a bioidentical oestrogen gel that I rub on the inside of my arms and has turned my sex life around: no more mess and pain free sex. My husband and I are very grateful!

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As far as internal factors are concerned, the steady decrease of major hormones plays an important role – these  influence essential bodily processes. Lower hormone levels promote aging, expressing itself in fatigue, decreased muscle strength, arthritis, osteoporosis, wrinkly skin, lower libido, vaginal dryness, greater disease susceptibility (as a result of an ever weakening immune system), poor memory and more. 

Important external factors include living in a world with increased emotional stress and environmental pollution. Stress is known to have a negative effect on the immune system because it suppresses the function of certain immune cells. Pollution can result in an accumulation of toxic heavy metals that can influence not only the promotion of the aging process but also cancer development. 

When this is compounded by an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, being overweight due to bad eating habits and not enough exercise), our bodies have an even tougher time managing. This is especially so if our body’s detoxification system is not functioning up to par. The accumulation of internal and external factors can eventually accelerate aging.  A clear indicator of this is the progressive rise of dementia in the western world. By 2030, it is estimated that the number of people suffering from dementia will have doubled; by 2040, dementia will be the number one aging-associated disease. 

Conventional medicine offers little in the way of helping our bodies minimize at least some of these damaging effects. The Amsterdam Kliniek can help counter these risks.



We can:

  • analyze the presence of heavy metals accumulated from the environment through a blood test
  • evaluate your body’s capability to counter oxidative stress (free radicals)

With these anti-aging diagnostics and the resulting individualized advice we can help you optimize your health and improve the quality of a potentially longer life.

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