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The Amsterdam Kliniek is a medical practice for integrative and cosmetic medicine. In addition to considering health and disease from a conventional point of view, our vision adds complementary medicine to the mix. Prevention and anti-aging play a key role. Medical cosmetic treatments can also be integrated into our approach.

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Integrative medicine seeks to present a responsible balance between conventional and complementary treatments. Our aim is to promote health and fight disease in a more natural way.

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It is human nature to form opinions of others by the way they look. This fact can become particularly disheartening as you grow older, since some people age less gracefully than others. Through minimally invasive, non-surgical methods, we give nature a hand in the battle against time.

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Ever since menopause I suffered from vaginal dryness. Regular hormone treatment didn’t work and intercourse became impossible. Dr. Boeken put me on a bioidentical oestrogen gel that I rub on the inside of my arms and has turned my sex life around: no more mess and pain free sex. My husband and I are very grateful!

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Looking back on when I first came to see you, my condition has improved tremendously. I have the feeling that during 5 years of internists and other doctors not taking me seriously, you did. I was happy to find you via your website, or else I would have never known.

Henny Bouwman, Arnhem

After yet another sleepless night caused by incessant itching, I found the Amsterdam Kliniek on the internet. It appeared that almost all my complaints (itching, stomach aches, fatigue, headache, low blood sugar levels) were pointing in the direction of a food intolerance. I did a test, was put on a diet and still feel great.

Hedwig Hettinga, Groningen

In March 2016 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, but chose to attend a private, non-conventional cancer clinic in Bavaria. Back in Holland, I found doctor Lydia Boeken to further assist me in boostering my immune system and help me turn a corner in retaining energy. To this day my ultrasound continues to show only healthy tissue and I am happy to recommend her as a supportive and knowledgeable guide.

Vicky Enea, Amsterdam


Lydia Boeken

Founding the Amsterdam Kliniek in 1996, Doctor Lydia Boeken’s aspiration has always been to effectively combine conventional and complementary treatment methods. Orthomolecular medicine plays a significant role in her process.

Beyond diagnosing and treating existing conditions, she intensely values the role of prevention and anti-aging in medicine. Given the saying that “a healthy interior deserves an attractive and healthy exterior,” Doctor Lydia’s medical cosmetic treatments add an attractive dimension to the practice.

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