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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take before the effect of a filler treatment becomes visible?

Depending on where the filler is injected, the result could be instantaneous. The eventual outcome may take a number of days to finalize, since in some cases a certain amount of swelling takes place after the treatment.

Is one treatment enough?

A filler treatment is always temporary since, the body breaks down the filler over time. How long the effect remains visible may vary because everyone has a different metabolism. For instance, a more active person will find that a filler does not last as long as in someone who lives a more sedentary life. Additionally, the location of the filler injection also makes a difference. Especially if  the filler is injected in an area of the skin that moves more than another place.  This is why lip fillers last for a shorter time because the mouth moves more intensively than other parts of the face.

Is the treatment painful?

Because most fillers contain an anaesthetic (lidocaine), almost everyone experiences the treatment as a painless procedure. Additionally, it is possible to numb the skin with a lidocaine cream and, if all else fails, a lidocaine injection can be given (although this only happens occasionally).

Is a filler treatment safe?

Yes. Early filler treatments were done with permanent fillers. These appeared to cause complications, such as inflammations. Since 2015, permanent fillers have been banned for cosmetic purposes. Only non-permanent fillers the body breaks down over time, are now used.