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Lydia Boeken

Passionate and


Doctor Lydia Boeken began practicing medicine in 1993, founding the Amsterdam Kliniek in 1996. Her aspiration has always been to effectively combine conventional and complementary treatment methods. Orthomolecular medicine plays a significant role in her process.

In addition to formal medical training and certification in The Netherlands, the Amsterdam Kliniek’s founder has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of complementary and environmental medicine abroad.

Beyond diagnosing and treating existing conditions, she intensely values the role of prevention and anti-aging in medicine. Doctor Lydia’s medical cosmetic treatments add an attractive dimension to the anti-aging aspect of the practice.

She has undergone extensive training in cosmetic medicine through the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cosmetische Geneeskunde (NVCG) and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), as well as participated in intensive workshops from internationally renowned medical cosmetic product manufacturers such Allergan (Botox®, Juvederm®), Merz (Bocouture®, Belotero®), Sinclair (Silhouette Soft®) and Galderma (Azzalure®, Restylane®).

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She graduated from medical school in 1986 at the Free University in Amsterdam. Her early years were spent in pediatrics, cardiology, internal medicine and occupational medicine.

Dr. Lydia Boeken is a member of the Artsenvereniging voor Integrale Geneeskunde (AVIG), the Maatschappij ter Bevordering van de Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde (MBOG), the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cosmetische Geneeskunde (NVCG), the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and the International Board for Clinical Metal Toxicology (IBCMT).

She also trained in EPD and Provocation/Neutralization Allergy Treatment and was the first physician to practice these in the Benelux. BIG number 99020047801

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