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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthomolecular Medicine

Does my medical insurance cover a treatment based on orthomolecular medicine by the Amsterdam?

It all depends on your insurance company. In any case you will need a supplementary package, because basic insurance per definition is not enough. Some insurance companies will provide partial coverage, unfortunately the days when everything got reimbursed are definitely over. Dr. Boeken is a member of the Artsenvereniging voor Integrale Geneeskunde (AVIG) and the Maatschappij ter Bevordering van de Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde (MBOG). You may want to mention this when inquiring with your insurance company, since membership with the AVIG and/or MBOG may make reimbursement more likely.

According to my doctor, if I eat normally, I should get all the nutrients that I need. So why take food supplements at all?

In principle what your doctor says is true. However, these days, our diet only provides us with the minimum to sustain health. Extensive food processing has greatly reduced the quality of the things we eat, so a normal diet is no guarantee. Additionally we are exposed to a multitude of external factors (pollution, smoking, food additives, etc.) that have potential detrimental effects on our immune system.  For this reason, the recommended daily allowances are barely sufficient to maintain good health.

I don’t want to use vitamin C because I’m told that it causes kidney stones.

This is an old wife’s tale. In very rare instances vitamin C can stimulate the formation of kidney stones, but this seldom occurs.

I’ve heard of antioxidants.  How do they benefit you?  Is vitamin C the most effective one?

One of the most important functions of antioxidants is the fact that they block free radicals. Free radicals are very aggressive molecules that can damage the body in numerous ways. In addition to glutathione, vitamin C is still considered one of the stronger antioxidants around.

How do you determine what vitamins a person should use?  They are very expensive and I need to stay within my budget.

Sick or healthy, everyone should be using basic food supplements. These don’t need to be very expensive at all. Additionally, it is possible to expand beyond the basics, as dictated by lifestyle, health status and personal preference.