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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthomolecular Cancer Support

Does my medical insurance cover orthomolecular cancer support by the Amsterdam Kliniek?

It all depends on your insurance company. In any case you will need a supplementary package, because basic insurance per definition is not enough. Some insurance companies will provide partial coverage, unfortunately the days when everything got reimbursed are definitely over. Dr. Boeken is a member of the Artsenvereniging voor Integrale Geneeskunde (AVIG) and the Maatschappij ter Bevordering van de Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde (MBOG). You may want to mention this when inquiring with your insurance company, since membership with the AVIG and/or MBOG may make reimbursement more likely.

My specialist says I should not combine my normal cancer treatment with food supplements. Is it dangerous to do so?

No. Some specialists simply oppose the use of food supplements out of ignorance. A possible exception could be that a particular food supplement may impede a treatment, but this happens very rarely.

Why is it that my specialist does not put me on a specific diet?

Because most specialists do not think that diet or food has any influence on cancer or the immune system. The orthomolecular view, on the other hand, is: you are (at least partly) what you eat.

Why should I undergo orthomolecular therapies when I’m already getting normal anti-cancer treatments?

First of all, orthomolecular medicine enhances conventional treatments. Secondly, patients often experience fewer side effects from conventional treatments. And, last but not least, orthomolecular medicine can have anti-cancer effects on its own.