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The history of beauty is as old as mankind itself. Since the beginning, people have have strived to become more attractive and to enhance their beauty. Make-up, hair style, clothes, perfumes were simple attempts to give nature a helping hand. These beauty enhancing “tools” have not been restricted to women alone. In a much more recent development, cosmetic medicine has come along to help us reach our goal of looking attractive and feeling more confident. More recently, cosmetic medicine has become part of a much larger concept: anti-aging. Anti-aging attempts to slow down or even reverse the aging process, with the aim of living longer while maintaining good health. And a healthy inside deserves a healthy and attractive outside.

Our faces function as personal calling cards. They serve to identify us as individuals, but also project our age and our emotional states. Sooner or later, everyone will be confronted with the fact that time is beginning to leave its mark.

For most of us this only becomes a problem if your looks begin to make you feel that the “youthful, vital and actively involved” persona you are on the inside, is no longer being reflected by your appearance on the outside. So you do not come across the way you feel. Research has shown that people tend to form their first impression about you in less than 7 seconds. For some people, this fact alone can make matters worse and cause feelings of insecurity. In others, it could even bring on depression. This is where cosmetic medicine could help.

Enhancing your natural beauty potential is the Amsterdam Kliniek’s goal.  We give nature a helping hand through the use of minimally invasive, non-surgical medical-cosmetic methods, which can help turn nature’s relentless tide.

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Injectables is a term used to describe substances that are applied by injection, such as botulinum toxin (Botox) and fillers. Injectables can tackle wrinkles and volume loss in a simple way.

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Maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance is not just about minimizing wrinkles.  Having a younger looking, even skin color and texture are equally important, since pigment spots and skin irregularities make you look older.

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Silhouette Soft®

Thread Lift

Normal facelifts require surgery.  Using the Silhouette Soft technologically innovative thread lift, it is possible to lift the face, neck and eyebrows in a non-surgical way. The face can be reshaped and volume restored with minimal recuperation time.

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