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The Amsterdam Kliniek has chosen to work with the SkinCeuticals brand, because their line of professional skincare products has been scientifically proven. SkinCeuticals products contain biologically active ingredients that effectively penetrate to improve skin condition on the inside as well as the outside.

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Leading Edge

anti-oxidant technology

Prevent – Correct – Protect represents the philosophy that forms the basis of the SkinCeuticals line. Products have been designed to prevent future damage, correct existing signs of aging and protect healthy skin. And this philosophy fully coincides with what the Amsterdam Kliniek has been doing for many years: providing preventive anti-aging advice on the basis of proper diet and targeted use of food supplements.

SkinCeuticals was founded in 1997 by American dermatologist Sheldon Pinnell. Because anti-oxidants play a paramount role in countering skin aging, Pinnell initially aimed his attention at vitamin C, one of the most important anti-oxidants. He was the first scientist to succeed in developing a stabilized form of vitamin C that could effectively be absorbed by the skin. This breakthrough discovery cleared the way for anti-oxidant technology and the arrival of cosmeceuticals.

Over time, SkinCeuticals™ has developed a wide range of products. Anti-oxidants make up an important component in many of these.

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