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You have a complaint…

A good relationship between you and us is important. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that disturb this relationship, making you feel dissatisfied or creating a basis for a complaint.The Amsterdam Kliniek follows a clear procedure to deal with your complaint. We take every complaint very seriously and are open to suggestions for improvement.

You can address your complaint in different ways. First and foremost in a personal conversation, but also through a complaints form. You can request a form by phone or by email. We aim at satisfactorily dealing with and resolving your complaint within 4 weeks.

If you do not wish to be in direct contact with the Amsterdam Kliniek or a personal conversation does not lead to a solution, we can refer you to our external complaints commission. You will be put in touch with an independent complaints person who will file your complaint, act as a mediator and will support you. First and foremost, our goal is to find a solution and restore the relationship between you and us.

If you are not open to mediation or mediation does not lead to a resolution, the complaints person can assist you in any subsequent steps and your complaint will become a dispute.

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