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Article 1: Definitions
1 This cookie policy uses the following definitions:

1 Amsterdam Clinic: The user of this cookie policy: Amsterdam Clinic located at Stationsstraat 6 E in Abcoude, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce 33262304;

2 visitor: any natural person who uses the website;

3 website: The website administered by the Amsterdam Clinic.

Article 2: Description of cookies
1 Cookies are simple, small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of the visitor’s computer. Cookies are used to capture data from a website visit. Cookies may also tell you about the visitor’s browsing behavior.

Article 3: Cookies Use

1 The Amsterdam Clinic uses cookies to obtain information about the quality and effectiveness of the website.

2 Using analytical cookies from Google, the Amsterdam Clinic collects and analyzes information related to the manner in which the website is used by visitors. This Google service is Google Analytics.

3 Session cookies and cookies necessary for the operation of the website are placed without the permission of the visitor. Analytical cookies are only placed without the permission of the visitor if these cookies do not or only violate the visitor’s privacy.

Article 4: Privacy

1 Cookies are not in themselves a threat to the privacy of the visitor. Personal information of the visitor does not trace a cookie. Cookies can not be used to identify people, but only machines.

Article 5: Turn off cookies

1 The visitor has the ability to modify his internet browser in such a way that already placed cookies are removed and that cookies are completely blocked. The way in which the visitor can remove cookies and block cookies can vary by internet browser. For more information, the visitor can consult the help function of his internet browser. Removing and blocking cookies may cause the user experience to be insufficient.

Article 6: Changes reserved

1 The Amsterdam Clinic can adjust its cookie policy from time to time. Changes or additions to this cookie policy will be published here. The Amsterdam Clinic recommends that the visitor regularly check this cookie policy.