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Psorinovo Treatment



Psoriasis is a skin condition affecting many people. Creams, light therapy (phototherapy) and even vacations to the Dead Sea are among some of the more common treatments. The biggest problem is the fact that skin symptoms tend to return quite rapidly once these treatments are stopped. For many years, the Amsterdam Kliniek has been applying the Psorinovo treatment, often with spectacular results.

In Januari of 2007 I set up an appointment with Dr. Boeken. In March I started using Psorinovo and by August my psoriasis was gone. I can’t tell you how happy and fortunate I feel: never again having to apply cream to my head and all the other spots.

Henny Hendriks, Nederhorst den Berg

Voordat ik met Psorinovo begon, beheerste psoriasis mijn leven. De jeuk hield mij iedere nacht uit mijn slaap, mijn schilferige en met kloven versierde voeten scheurden de lakens stuk. Huidartsen konden niets voor mij betekenen. Uiteindelijk begonnen met Psorinovo. Natuurlijk heeft het even geduurd voordat alles weg was, maar het ging in een razend tempo.

Marijke van Drunen, Koog aan de Zaan

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Hormone creams in combination with MTX diminished my complaints, but also affected my immune system. I found doctor Lydia Boeken, experienced with Psorinovo, which has very few side effects and is a lot less damaging. This treatment has greatly improved my quality of life!

Jip van der Duin, Amsterdam

For eleven months I have been under your care for psoriasis and the results are outstanding. For the past couple of months I have been totally clean through the use of Psorinovo, as prescribed by you. I want to thank you for your great knowledge and expertise.

P. Smidts, Maarssen

I am extremely happy about the treatment and Psorinovo. I have been using this medication for about 4 years and am 100% clean. This after 5 years of creams and light therapy without any effect.

Maarten Mooij, Assendelft

The Effect Of


Psorinovo is the trade name for slow release dimethylfumaric acid. Fumaric acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the cells of the human body. Although many theories exist about the development of psoriasis, the jury is still out on the actual cause. One likely possibility is that for unknown reasons, the body is incapable of generating sufficient fumaric acid. This causes an imbalance in the skin cells and stimulates abnormal cell development. The resulting condition is known as psoriasis. Another theory is that psoriasis is an autoimmune condition causing the immune system to attack skin cells and their healthy development.

By using a special protocol for a specific period of time, Psorinovo helps the cells regain their equilibrium and regenerate normal skin cells again. It also acts as an immune modulator and quiets down the immune system. To further support the efficacy of Psorinovo, dietary measures and food supplements are prescribed.



Some psoriasis patients develop joint symptoms (psoriatic arthritis). More than once, patients treated with Psorinovo find that symptoms diminish or even disappear completely. At times, psoriasis is greatly influenced by diet due to (hidden) food sensitivities. The Amsterdam Kliniek specializes in uncovering these sensitivities.

Interestingly, Psorinovo also seems to be effective in treating lichen sclerosus, a skin condition of the genitals causing pronounced itching and burning. More recently, Psorinovo has been used in treating multiple sclerosis, a neurological condition characterised by progressive breakdown of the protective nerve covers. The Psorinovo therapy is actually a conventional treatment method used by a surprisingly limited number of dermatologists.

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