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Bioidentical Hormones Video Blog

Bioidentical hormones can be used effectively to treat menstrual complaints or relieve symptoms (hot flashes and sleeplessness) that can occur during or after menopause. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have the same (identical) chemical composition as those produced by the body itself. These should not be confused with synthetic hormones, that only look like the hormones...

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New Psoriasis Cure – Old Wine In A New Bottle?

In the 25 years of working as an integrative medicine doctor, I have come across numerous conditions that do not always respond well to conventional medical approaches. Psoriasis is one of those conditions that can sometimes be extremely difficult to control. Conventional approaches involving steroids and other immunosuppressants, biologicals and light therapy may still not provide relief and prolong the suffering. ...

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Anti-aging: More Than A Hype

For many people the term anti-aging only brings cosmetic treatments to mind.  Nothing could be further from the truth, since true anti-aging attempts to slow down or even reverse the entire aging process.  Cosmetic treatments can definitely serve as a part of the approach, but the ultimate aim of antiaging is to live longer, while maintaining good health....

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