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Coming home with a diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic event that often generates feelings of helplessness and bewilderment.  Conventional medicine approaches the treatment with a focus on surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or anti-cancer medication. This leaves you feeling powerless to do anything else but to take these treatments with stride. However, there are ways of putting yourself in the driver seat and becoming an active participant on the road to cure. An orthomolecular cancer treatment can be supportive in this case. 

In March 2016 I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, but chose to attend a private, non-conventional cancer clinic in Bavaria. Back in Holland, I found doctor Lydia Boeken to further assist me in boostering my immune system and help me turn a corner in retaining energy. To this day my ultrasound continues to show only healthy tissue and I am happy to recommend her as a supportive and knowledgeable guide.

Vicky Enea, Amsterdam

My brother, sister and I wish to thank you for all your help during my mother’s sick bed. She had great trust in you and I know for sure that, thanks to everything you gave her, she lived a lot longer than she would have otherwise. Just this passed week two of my girlfriends (one working as a family doctor and the other one as a gynaecologist) told me they were extremely surprised our mother managed to live as long as she did. We were still able to do some nice things with her, because she continued to feel so good for so long. Once again our heartfelt thanks!

Name withheld



Although conventional cancer therapies are often the unavoidable path to successful recovery, there are additional ways of combating cancer. The orthomolecular approach not only aims at reducing side effects of conventional treatments and enhancing their effectiveness, but also offers cancer-fighting potential of its own.

The practical problem cancer patients face is choosing a suitable alternative treatment.  Given the many choices available, this can be confusing and sometimes risky.  The Amsterdam Kliniek offers the possibility of choosing a responsible complementary cancer treatment. The emphasis is on the orthomolecular approach of cancer through vitamins and diet.

Food Supplements

& Dietary Advice

Our focus is on providing a food supplement regime which enhances conventional cancer treatments while boosting the immune system.  Moreover, certain food supplements even have direct anti-cancer properties. Determining an appropriate supplement plan, which includes high-dose vitamin C, as well as the protein glutathione, is essential in fighting cancer and thus influencing tumor growth.

Another important aspect is dietary advice. Many anti-cancer diets are based on the premise that what you eat affects tumor growth and the immune system.  We help you select the diet that is best for you and, most importantly, one you can stick with. An example of such a diet is the Houtsmuller diet. We can also advise you on how to best conduct your diet during the chemotherapy period. This can minimize side effects while maximizing the effectiveness of your chemo.

Furthermore, it is possible to get an impression of the level of oxidative stress though a blood test. Oxidative stress is a measure for the presence of free radicals; these are aggressive molecules that play an important role in cancer and can be dampened through targeted food supplements (antioxidants).

Be aware that non-conventional treatments should never be considered a substitute for conventional cancer regimes!

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