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New Psoriasis Cure – Old Wine In A New Bottle?

New Psoriasis Cure – Old Wine In A New Bottle?

In the 25 years of working as an integrative medicine doctor, I have come across numerous conditions that do not always respond well to conventional medical approaches.

Psoriasis is one of those conditions that can sometimes be extremely difficult to control. Conventional approaches involving steroids and other immunosuppressants, biologicals and light therapy may still not provide relief and prolong the suffering.

About 15 years ago I first learned about dimethyl fumarate, also known as Psorinovo, which is produced by a compounding pharmacy in the Netherlands.  A very small group of doctors had been using Psorinovo since 1981 and reported remarkably good results, specifically in those very hard to treat patients. This made me both curious and skeptical, but I decided to give Psorinovo a try. 

I now regret the fact that I had not discovered Psorinovo sooner.  Considering my success rate with the treatment, I wish I would have begun using Psorinovo for my psoriasis patients on the opening day of my practice. Over the years I have discovered that dietary advice, as well as specific food supplements have greatly enhanced the effect of Psorinovo.

New Psoriasis Cure?

Recently, Spanish pharmaceutical company Almirall released a licensed form of dimethyl fumarate called Skilarence onto the market. At first glance Skilarence seems identical to Pasorinovo, but it really is not. The most significant difference lies in the fact that Skilarence is not produced in a slow release form.  This difference could cause debilitating side effects such as hot flashes, nausea and diarrhoea in patients. The chances of this happening with Psorinovo, which is slow release, are minimal.

For this reason, I have no intention of switching my patients to Skilarence at this time. Skilarence will first need to first prove its efficacy and demonstrate that it does not produce annoying side effects. Once there is more clarity about this, I am willing to revisit my choice for Psorinovo, especially since Psorinovo is a non-licensed drug and is often not covered by medical insurance.

Written by: Lydia Boeken

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